Located in south east Oman and within the administration of A`Sharqiyah South Governorate. It is surrounded by several other islands, Masira, Chanazi and Kalban. Masirah is the largest island in Oman and is a landmark in the middle of the sea and looks like a jewel amid the azure waters.

Arguably the biggest secret as far as adventure travel in Oman is concerned. Visitors would find themselves in awe as there are certainly tons of activities to do while in the island.

For kitesurfers, Masirah is an excellent spot specially between April and September because of the monsoon winds which blow steadily at over 20 knots. The island is an important hatching ground for loggerhead sea turtles, quite similar in importance to the beaches at Ras Al Hadd and nearby Ras Al Jinz as a hatching ground for sea turtles. If you are a twitcher, you are definitely finding a gem as you would see many species in each of Oman`s different regions including here in Masira. Finally and considered to be one of the best locations for sport fishing in the Arabian Gulf, the best time for sport fishermen to visit the island is between October and March where the weather is perfect and the waters are abundant in marine life. Other than sport fishing, you can also indulge in snorkelling and diving.  

Kite Surfing

Are you a kite surfing enthusiast? Whether you are an expert or newbie, we have the perfect place for you - Masira Island – arguably the biggest secret kiteboarding paradise. Flat water or wave spots, sand or point break endless wind – everything is within 20 minutes of travel when you are in Masira Island.

The season kicks off in May/June and kiters as well as windsurfers are packing their gear to travel to this playground of various untouched spots. 20 to 45 knots of wind day and night steady from south, huge flat lagoons on the west coast and the waves of the Indian Ocean on the east coast make this island a kitesurfers’ heaven. Besides making your legs cry for mercy, the monsoon keeps the temperatures low and even if the mainland of Oman heats up to 55 degrees that time of the year in some areas, Masirah offers pleasant temperatures between 24 and 38 degrees in summer.

While Masirah Island is known for its short high wind season of 4 months in summer, it is actually an all-year destination for those who are looking for a true and authentic destination with an Arabic culture, unspoiled spots blessed with all year sun. During the rest of the year conditions are pleasant for medium and big sized kites and the wind will come from North or West (Winter monsoon “Jamal”).

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Deep Sea Fishing


Sport fishermen flocks Masira Island between October and March as these are the best time to enjoy deep sea fishing where the weather is perfect and the waters are abundant in marine life. If you are a keen fisherman and have not been to Masira, you are in for a surprise and will definitely enjoy this island on the southern coast of Oman, surrounded by the Arabian Sea and is considered to be one of the best locations for sport fishing in the Arabian Gulf.

Bird Watching

A tour of Oman for nature and bird lovers with visits to wildlife reserves, nature Islands and turtle beaches with some of the best birdwatching in Oman.

This 10 day bird watching holiday takes you to the best spots in Oman to see migratory and vagrant birds. With beautiful scenery from lagoons to empty sandy beaches, desert dunes to oasis springs, you have the opportunity to see many different species of birds.

Masirah Island, a protected area teaming with birdlife from all over the world on migratory routes across the Arabian Peninsula. Watch feeding waders in the reeds of the marshland and travel into the forests in search for the Golden Eagle and Long-legged Buzzard.

The island is one of the best places in Oman to see birdlife being a `magnet` for travelling birds that have crossed deserts, open seas and sometimes more than one continent.

Although the resident birdlife of Masirah is mainly made up of species from the Arabian Peninsula, it is also a haven for some migratory and vagrant species attracting birds from India and Pakistan to the east, Africa to the west, and wintering birds from as far north as Siberia.

Today will be spent bird watching on the island with opportunities to see many migratory birds as well as local species. Crab Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Greater Sand Plover, Oystercatcher, Turnstone and the Bar-tailed Godwit.

Turtle watching

Oman, hosts four species of nesting turtles, Logger-heads, Greens, Hawksbills and Olive Ridleys. Masira Island is world famous as the home of the largest population of Loggerhead Turtles however, you get to see the green turtle in some areas of the island.